Staking Guide ๐Ÿš€
Put your ADA to work today!
  • See this link for an explanation on delegation:โ€‹
  • You always maintain full control of your ADA in your own wallet when you delegate.
  • The first step to delegating your ADA is to download one of the official Cardano wallets.
Yoroi wallet is a mobile wallet available for Android and Apple devices. Daedalus is not a mobile wallet!

Beware of fake wallets! If you have questions, check

Daedulus Wallet
Yoroi Lightweight Wallet and Mobile App

We have included some video walkthroughs for using Daedulus Wallet and how to delegate/stake your ADA below:

Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano

The video below will walk you through using the Yoroi Wallet and how to delegate your ADA.

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